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2023 Speaker Slides - Thursday 29 June 2023

Integrative & Personalised Medicine

2023 Speaker Slides - Thursday 29 June 2023

Please find below the speakers slides for the Whole-Person Health Conference which took place on Thursday 29 June 2023. Please click on the 'View the slides' button to view or download the slides.

Beyond Pills Campaign - One Year On

This session will focus on how social prescribing can have a positive role alongside deprescribing in helping patients withdraw safely from dependence forming drugs, and explore how they could form an integrated approach to prevent and treat prescribed drug dependence.

Danny Kruger MP, Chair, All Party Parliamentary Group for Prescribed Drug Dependence;  Professor Tony Avery, National Clinical Director for Prescribing;  Lelly Oboh, Consultant Pharmacist, Guys and St Thomas NHS Trust Community Health Services; Dr Bogdan Chiva-Giurca, Royal Surrey County Hospital and  founder NHS Social Prescribing Champion Scheme; Sean Jennings, Patient who has created pain cafes throughout Primary Care Networks in Cornwall; Gay Palmer, Social Prescriber Link Worker Team Lead, South Southwark Primary Care Network    

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Setting the Stage: Supporting Healthcare Professionals to Better Support their Patient

In conversation with Dr Elizabeth ThompsonDr Reena Kotecha and Ellie Grace will highlight how they use integrative medicine to support  the wellbeing of clinicians.  Dr Reena Kotecha is the founder for Mindful Medics, a self Care programme, which she delivers to clinical and non-clinical staff in healthcare settings across the globe.  Ellie Grace uses yoga as a tool for social change and is a specialist in trauma-informed yoga which she has used to support both NHS doctors and medical students at Queen Mary University.

No slides were used for this presentation.


Keynote Address: The Community Cure - Transforming Health Outcomes Together

James Maskell is advocating that facilitating group visits is the most powerful force to transform healthcare and is the solution to the biggest challenges facing healthcare: chronic disease, escalating costs, physician shortages, care access and affordability, physician burnout, loneliness, and mental health.  As the founder of the Functional Forum, James has spent the past decade at the cross section of functional medicine and community and recognises that to democratise health we must put community and group visits so everyone can experience the benefits of integrative medicine.

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Keynote Address: Health, Herbal and Happiness

Jenny Seagrove has a lifelong interest in herbal medicine, minerals and vitamins and lifestyle choices.  Daily multivitamin and mineral supplements have been a central component in both her professional and personal life.  Jenny believes there are alternative ways to maintaining good health and will be discussing with Harry Brünjes her conviction to prevention of ill health rather than just cure.

No slides were used for this presentation.


Herbal Medicine: Using Herbal Medicine within an Integrative and Functional Approach

Dr Sally Moorcroft will discuss key herbal actions from adaptogens, anti-inflammatories and antimicrobials to nootrophics. Demonstrating with cases from her 20 years of clinical experience how they can successfully reduce prescription medication use in many areas - from minor infections, insomnia, pain, inflammation and anxiety to more complex chronic conditions. Taking a deep dive into the research to support their use, and some of the key phytonutrients this session will also look at practical and simple ways to safely introduce herbal medicine into an IM clinical practice.

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Women's Health: Perimenopause - Taming the Heat in this Proinflammatory Life Phase

Lorna Driver-Davies will discuss emerging evidence, research and experts characterize the Perimenopause lifestage as inflammatory and immunologically unstable. This presentation puts forward that evidence and findings, and discusses solutions and a functional approach using nutrition, diet, botanicals and nutrients to prevent neurodegeneration, dysfunctional immunomodulation and cardiac-metabolic issues.

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Putting Integrative Medicine Into Practice: Incorporating an Integrative Approach into a Standard GP Consultation

Dr Ayan Panja shares the experience of his own illness, how he developed a novel framework, and ways to elegantly incorporate a systems medicine approach into NHS GP consultations. The framework helps patients understand the impact of their own timeline and lifestyle on their health. By helping them lay out their story, Ayan’s method allows primary care teams to empower patients to generate a targeted “lifestyle prescription”, which, with the help of behaviour change and cognitive techniques, allows the patient to create and stick to their personalised plans successfully. 

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Putting Integrative Medicine Into Practice: Crisis or Opportunity in the Journey of Healthcare Transformation

Working in the NHS and struggling to enact a vision of whole person healthcare, Doctor Elizabeth Thompson will describe her personal and organisational journey of overcoming barriers to transformational change and describe putting into practice models of integrative medicine training, community building and the delivery of clinical services. She will discuss the possibility of change through working with communities of like-minded people to create health and well-being and take the pressure of frontline services in burnout.

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Putting Integrative Medicine Into Practice: A Humble Sleep Tool - Designed to help clinicians screen, score, sort and support people improve their sleep

How are you sleeping?  Dr Ashish Bhatia asks because your sleep is precious. Humble sleep is so named because it is often overlooked, yet it has profound implications for the health and performance of individuals and society. Dr Bhatia has been facilitating sleep groups free of charge in his GP practice and the results have been transformative.  Having trained in CBT for insomnia he has evolved a number of resources including a new simple sleep tool designed to help clinicians screen, score, sort and support people improve their sleep, differentiating sleep issues ( like insomnia, parasomnias, OSA, PLMD and more) and signpost them to further care if needed.  

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Integrative Oncology: Cancer Prevention is the Real Cure

Dr. Nasha Winters will share her decades of research and personal experience on how to prevent cancer.  Her approach is to look at the terrain which includes focusing on epigenetics, the microbiome, the immune system, toxin exposures, and blood sugar balance and how neglect via nourishment, physical stress and psychological stress are all important components of an anti-cancer living plan.

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Integrative Oncology - Supporting Living Well with Cancer

Dr Nina Fuller-Shavel and Dr Deepak Ravindran will discuss how integrative oncology (IO) approaches can transform support for those living with advanced and metastatic cancer, shifting from pure symptom management to optimising whole person resilience, minimising side effects of ongoing treatment and promoting better quality of life at any stage.

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Integrative Oncology: The Role of Health Coaches in Supporting an Anti-Cancer Lifestyle

Dr Penny Kechagioglou is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist and a qualified Functional Medicine Coach and will share her experience of the tremendous benefits that health coaching has had with her own patients.  Together with Izabella Natrins, the CEO of the UK International Health Coaching Association they will also demonstrate the role that health coaches can play in matching clinical resources with the growing demands of patients’ need for specialist care and provide anti-cancer lifestyle programmes at scale.

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Keynote Address: Precision Medicine - the Deeper You Go the More You Know

Prof Eran Segal heads up the Human Phenotype Project, a large scale (more than 10,000 participants) deep-phenotype prospective longitudinal cohort and biobank that is developing prediction models for disease onset and progression.  Utilising medical history, lifestyle and nutritional habits, vital signs, anthropometrics, blood tests, continuous glucose and sleep monitoring, and molecular profiling of the transcriptome, genetics, gut and oral microbiome, metabolome and immune system; the predictive models developed can be translated into personalized disease prevention and treatment plans.

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Keynote Address: The Secret to Wellness is Identifying the Illness

Dr Robert Lustig is Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics at UCSF, and the New York Times bestselling author  will elaborate the similarities between metabolic health and mental health, and highlight how changes in our environment over the last 50 years have altered our biochemistry to foment the twin pandemics of chronic metabolic disease and psychiatric disease.

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