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Exhibit at IPM 2024

Integrative & Personalised Medicine

Exhibit at IPM 2024

Exhibit at IPM 2024 to meet with the growing number of healthcare professionals embracing whole-person patient centred care.

Specifically located in one of the most prestigious, high-profile venues in the centre of London, this is the one unique event that aims to bring multi-disciplines together to showcase the benefits of this more progressive approach to healthcare.   

The 2023 congress brought together NHS doctors, integrative, functional and lifestyle medicine doctors and practitioners, nutritionists, naturopaths, herbalists, complementary therapists, politicians……….the list goes on. 

Expect to be busy throughout the day as 50% of the audience sign up for the visitor pass that is purely focused on visiting the exhibition and attending the 30+ exhibitor CPD workshops.

If you would like to find out how you can get involved - please contact Versha Carter at or complete the form below.


"In the spirit of integrative medicine this event connected the dots; people, disciplines, ideas, and thought leaders, in a way that will have immeasurable benefits to healthcare for years to come. Big vision, beautifully delivered. Bravo! So impressed"

Ben Brown, Pure Encapsulations

"Many congratulations for an absolutely fantastic congress… last year it was ground-breaking. This year you have firmly established a powerful focus for the many thousands of us committed to lifestyle, functional and integrative medicine and whole-health, whole-person, integrated care and supported self-management.  Next year - oh my goodness… your energy, commitment and contribution has been seminal."

Izabella Natrins, CEO, UK & International Health Coaching Association 


"Thank you Integrative & Personalised Medicine 2023 for having WAVESIX! It was our first exhibition and it was incredible! The energy was so positive and energising. I had so many insightful conversations and met truly inspiring people. What a blast 💥"

Julia Marshall-Wessendorf, WAVESIX

For more information on exhibiting at the IPM 2023 congress, please complete the form below:

Organised by Progressive Communications Ltd in association with The College of Medicine:


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