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Whole Person Health Conference Programme - Thursday 29th June 2023

Integrative & Personalised Medicine


The Role of Health Coaches in Supporting an Anti-Cancer Lifestyle

29 Jun 2023

In the UK, every two minutes someone is diagnosed with cancer. One in two people will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. The UK is experiencing the worst ever waiting times for cancer treatments.  Dr Penny Kechagioglou is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist in the NHS specialising in Breast Cancer and is a qualified Functional Medicine Coach who has been trained in Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice with the Institute of Functional Medicine in the USA.  Together with Izabella Natrins, a former health research psychologist and the CEO of UK International Health Coaching Association, they will highlight the role that health coaching can play in supporting people with cancer. Dr Kechagioglou will share her own experiences of the tremendous benefits that health coaching has had with her own patients, but will also show how health coaches can support the challenge of matching clinical resources with growing demands of patients’ needs for specialist care, improve health and reduce illness and provide anti-cancer lifestyle programmes at scale.

Dr Penny Kechagioglou , Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Chief Clinical Information Officer, deputy Chief Medical Officer UHCW & UKIHCA Health Coach
Izabella Natrins, CEO at the UK & International Health Coaching Association

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