Advisory Board

Integrative & Personalised Medicine

Advisory Board


Dr Michael Dixon

GP and Chair of the College of Medicine, Co-Chair National Social Prescribing Network & author of 'Time to Heal'


Dr Nina Fuller-Shavel

Integrative Medicine doctor, scientist and educator, Co-Chair of BSIO, Director of Synthesis Clinic and Fellow of the College of Medicine.

SMSimon Mills

Self Care Lead College of Medicine & Herbal Strategist, Pukka Herbs, UK

SPSebastian Pole

Founder of Pukka Herbs and trustee of the Herbal Alliance

SMDr Sally Moorcroft

Integrative and Functional Medicine doctor; Core Tutor and Herbal Medicine Tutor at NCIM, Bristol; Clinical Director of the Northern Centre of Integrative and Functional Medicine (NCIFM)

BBDr Naveed Akhtar

GP with Special Interests in Minor Surgery, Musculoskeletal Medicine and Mental Health. 

HRHeather Richards 

The College of Medicine’s lead on nutrition and Director Of Nutrition at Sano School of Culinary Medicine

JGJo Gamble

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Fellow Integrative Cancer


Benjamin Brown

Founder & Director, Nutritional Medicine Institute (NMI), UK

DPDr David Peters

Emeritus Prof, Westminster Centre for Resilience College of Liberal Arts and Science, University of Westminster


Dr Bogdan Chiva Giurca

Royal Surrey County Hospital and College of Medicine Council member; founder NHS Social Prescribing Champion Scheme

AJDr Ally Jaffee

NHS Junior Dr, Co-founder Nutritank, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur & 2021 Diana Award recipient

LLDr Lucy Loveday

GP & experienced medical educationalist and founder of Movement & The Mind®

DCDebbie Cotton

Naturopath, psychotherapist, and Head of Clinical Education for Invivo Healthcare

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