• The future of medicine

    The future of medicine

    Promoting whole-person, patient centred health

  • The future of medicine

    The future of medicine

    Promoting whole-person, patient centred health
  • The future of medicine

    The future of medicine

    Promoting whole-person, patient centred health
  • The future of medicine

    The future of medicine

    Promoting whole-person, patient centred health

Integrative & Personalised Medicine

International Exhibition and THREE Conferences IN-PERSON in London












Imagine a single overarching event that champions a whole person, patient centre approach to healthcare.

The inaugural Integrative & Personalised Medicine Congress took place in-person, in London over three days from 16-18 June 2022 and welcomed more than 1,200 attendees from over 30 countries. 

Incorporating three cutting-edge conferences, a programme of free to attend workshops and an international exhibition, the congress welcomed healthcare professionals from various disciplines such as conventional, integrative, functional, lifestyle, environmental, complementary and holistic medicine, to discuss and highlight the benefits of taking a whole-person, patient centred, integrative approach to health.

The feedback from the 2022 congress has been overwhelming and the 2023 dates will be announced shortly.

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Unprecedented line up of experts presented live IN-PERSON in London in June 2022

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“Medicine, as we know it, is no longer affordable or sustainable. Nor is it able to curb the increase in obesity, mental health problems and most long term disease. It is now time for Integrative Care to take centre stage. 

Combing the best of our current medicine with an approach that enhances our natural abilities to self heal and stay healthy using lifestyle and a wider range of therapies. 

It enables us to reconnect with ourselves, our patients and within our communities and to recognise the potential of our social and physical environment to heal and enable us to live healthier and happier lives.

This conference is a clarion call for Integrative and Personalised Medicine and marks the dawn of a new era of Post Modern Medicine.”

Dr Michael Dixon, Chair, The College of Medicine

2022 Featured Exhibitors


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The future of medicine


A growing movement of practitioners and doctors who want to see a more therapeutic, holistic, patient centred approach to healthcare that takes into consideration both the patient’s physical and psychological wellbeing and treats the whole person rather than just the disease.

Very much grounded in evidence-based medicine, this congress will share the knowledge, expertise and resources of the many doctors, therapists and practitioners who are using their years of clinical experience to address long-term disease that is putting increasing strain on the conventional healthcare system. 

Integrative medicine practitioners and doctors will demonstrate how they combine conventional medicine with evidence-informed lifestyle, complementary and traditional approaches to achieve optimum health and wellbeing for the patient. 










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Composer clients say...

  • Amazing event, way above expectations.
  • An excellent event, that held high promise and over-delivered!
  • Having so many like-minded healthcare professionals in one place was superb.
  • Forward thinking and changing the status quo of medicine and healthcare.
  • Fascinating conference that opened my eyes to the power of lifestyle changes in preventing and treating illness.
  • An informative and inspiring event with top experts in their fields from around the world.
  • This is exactly what the world needs: qualified professionals that talk about evidence-based approaches to health with lifestyle measures - we need to shout this message from the rooftops. 
  • Totally brilliant! Highlighted the desire of the growing tribe of healthcare professionals in the UK who want to see a better healthcare system.
  • Excellent world class speakers and a great mix of medical, social, chef and policy experts.
  • Both informative and inspiring.
  • So promising - and exciting - to hear about the possibilities of integration.
  • Such an amazing event. The speaker line-up was stellar and the atmosphere was amazing.
  • Superb conference; the best that I have ever attended.