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THE event of the year for health professionals from all disciplines, who are committed to advancing personalised and integrative medicine and healthcare. The congress opens doors for like-minds from all parts of the health space to step out of silos and to come together for three days of stimulating, evidence-based and informed sharing and learning… and I can’t wait!   Izabella Natrins, CEO, UK & International Health Coaching Association

The congress is a single overarching event which focuses on whole-person patient centred health, uniting the community and bringing together healthcare professionals from across the globe.

The congress is expected to welcome 2000+ healthcare professionals representing conventional, integrative, functional, lifestyle, environmental, complementary and holistic medicine at the prestigious QEII Centre in the heart of London.

Highly acclaimed healthcare professionals from across the world will present evidence-based research and case studies over three days. By sharing clinical experience, knowledge and ideas, doctors, therapists and practitioners will gain a greater understanding that a multi-disciplinary team and whole-person approach can provide the patient with the best possible outcomes.

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Unprecedented line up of experts present in three conferences over three days...


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In the spirit of integrative medicine this event connected the dots; people, disciplines, ideas and thought leaders, in a way that will have immeasurable benefits to healthcare for years to come. Big vision, beautifully delivered. Bravo! So impressed. Ben Brown, Founder & Director, Nutritional Medicine Institute

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A unique event that brings together healthcare professionals face-to-face at the prestigious QEII Centre in the heart of London.  A showcase to present the latest products and services to support a more progressive whole-person, patient centred approach to medicine.

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An opportunity to meet like-minded professionals. Sign up for one, two or three days and attend the cutting-edge conference, international exhibition and CPD approved workshops. Passes start from £140 for the 'Conference Delegate Pass' and £25 for the 'Workshop & Exhibition Pass'.

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The congress is organised in association with The College of Medicine and with the support of a variety of associations and organisations all with the common goal of forwarding Integrative & Personalised Medicine. If you would like to support the congress, please get in touch:

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INCREDIBLE!!" one word to describe the IPM congress. I cannot express enough how phenomenal it was to have experienced such a remarkable and revolutionary event for healthcare.  Bobby Sira, Clinical Pharmacist and Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy and Life & Wellness Consultant


His Majesty King Charles III (then HRH The Prince of Wales) opened the inaugural Integrative & Personalised Medicine Congress with a video address, when it took place in London June 2022:



The King highlighted the need to create an umbrella event which brings together healthcare professionals across a range of modalities to focus on advancing the future of medicine.

"The conference comes at a time when the need for an Integrative Medicine congress has never been so great.

A few people have seen this integrative approach as being in someway opposed to modern medicine - it isn't. We must all be grateful for the staggering success of modern medicines and procedures.

We need to combine modern medicine with a personal approach which also takes into account our beliefs, hopes, culture and history and which respects our choices, where safe and appropriate, between the conventional, lifestyle and the complementary. 

This new approach in medical thinking and practice, perhaps we should call in post modern medicine, is critical if we are to overcome spiralling problems in areas such as mental health and obesity. 

I do hope that your conference will be a trailblazer towards this new world of medicine."

 This is exactly what the world needs: qualified professionals that talk about evidence-based approaches to health with lifestyle measures. We need to shout this message from the rooftops. Lina Kumar, Nutritional Therapist

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