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Integrative & Personalised Medicine

The Primary Care and Community Neurology Society

The Primary Care and Community Neurology Society which is also the Person-Centred Neurosciences Society is a growing organisation of likeminded healthcare professionals, and partnering organisations including companies and charities who all share a desire to drive up the standard of services to improve neurology care across primary care and the wider neurology community

P-CNS has become the leading voice to support the connecting up of neurology care between Primary Care and the wider neurology community, which includes both heath professionals and non health professionals living with neurological conditions.

Our Vision

The P-CNS’s vision, which acknowledges the significance of learning through lived experiences, is to provide sustainable, consistent, and high-quality care and education services that consider and support the individual needs of the person so they can live well in the community with suspected or confirmed neurological conditions.

Our Mission

The P-CNS’s mission is to:

To support our vision we believe our mission is to encourage and:

  • Empower patients, practitioners, and industry partners by promoting engagement in an active community where all voices matter.
  • Support the co-creation, provision, and signposting of high-quality education and information services to enhance the delivery of care to people with neurological conditions.
  • Stimulate and develop inclusive and meaningful communication amongst all members of the neurology community.
  • Value the personal narratives of all people – both patients and practitioners – who live with suspected or confirmed neurological / psychiatric / neurodevelopmental conditions.
  • Support improved access to more community- and online-based neurology services.
  • Educate health professionals on the importance of their language during patient interactions, to enable patients to make fully informed decisions about their neurological treatment.
  • Promote a patient-practitioner partnership that enhances trust and allows patients to express their needs and expectations.
  • Give patients within the neurology community the ability to express themselves by sharing their experiences with society members.
  • Increase awareness of individual differences within neurological conditions, promoting the importance for practitioners to adapt treatments and meet the needs of the patient.

Together we believe this will enhance the delivery and quality of care to people with suspected and confirmed neurological conditions and optimise their quality of life.

In Partnership

Launched in April 2005 and now with nearly 1600 people (from across the UK and abroad) who are registered with the Society, the P-CNS is keen to collaborate to support the provision of education to healthcare professionals at the frontline of providing care to people living with neurological conditions. We wish to work in partnership with any organisation and company that recognises how learning through lived experiences needs greater recognition as a way to improve the provision of services for those living with neurological conditions and thereby optimise access to expert neurology services.

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The 2024 congress took place from 6-8 June.

The countdown is now on for 2025 - save the date 19th - 21st June 2025.

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