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Lifestyle Health Foundation

The Lifestyle Health Foundation are committed to health, healing, and being well, no matter what the age of a person, so that living their best life becomes a reality.

The Foundation has a particular specialised focus on young people. Especially from pre-birth to three years, but also those up to the age of twenty-five. They believe that these are such important formative years, and as such are crucial to the lifespan and quality of the remainder of each of their individual lives.

In 1907 Robert Baden-Powell wrote, to be prepared meant “you are always in a state of readiness in mind and body to do your duty.” Baden-Powell was an English Soldier who’s idea was that ‘Scouts should prepare themselves to become productive citizens and strong leaders and to bring joy to other people. He wanted each Scout to be ready in mind and body and to meet with a strong heart whatever challenges await him’

It is the aim of the Lifestyle Health Foundation to support child, parent, grandparent and teacher to enable children to “be prepared” by encouraging a model of care that is grown out from strong roots. 

As an organisation the Lifestyle Health Foundation are growing a community of people who have a considerable, and varied, collection of “lived experiences”. These lived experiences enable them to genuinely view those interested in joining their community in a truly “informed” and sensitive manner. In this way they can help in a far more effective way. This gives them the ability to be of more benefit to a greater number of people who may have struggled with something in the past and continue to do so. Be that at either, wishing to become well again, or that they are so disengaged from life that they do not know how to find a way back.

Regarding the mind, the work of Dr Bruce Greyson (in the fields of Clinical, Medical and Psychiatry) provides strong evidence regarding this issue. This is evidence he has been collecting over the last 50 years and it clearly shows the following. When patients (often in an emergency medicine theatre) are clinically dead with close to, or no activity in the brain and no heartbeat who then enter the extremely detailed world of a near-death experience. This is a subject in which a sizable number of people have experienced over very many centuries, and from all over the globe. NDE’s are noted for their incredible detail in every respect, be that visual, feelings, and positive emotional content, with no barrier to time.

At the Lifestyle Health Foundation, they need to have both the brain and the mind at the forefront of their attention. Working with aspects of the brain is incredibly important, and is, these days, far better understood. However, overall, the work specifically with the mind has been distanced. When a person is able to actively engage the mind in the healing process, a whole new passageway to health is opened. Very often with amazing results.

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