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Uma Naidoo

Dr Uma Naidoo

Harvard Nutritional Psychiatrist, Chef, Nutritional Biologist and International Bestselling Author, USA

Uma Naidoo, MD is a board-certified Harvard Nutritional Psychiatrist, professional chef, nutritional biologist, and the author of the international bestseller This Is Your Brain on Food, which has been published in 22 countries and 18 languages.

Michelin-starred chef David Bouley described Dr. Naidoo as the world’s first “triple threat” in the food and medicine space, as her multiple expertises—psychiatry, nutrition, and the culinary arts—have converged into the nascent and revolutionary field of Nutritional Psychiatry. 

Dr. Naidoo is the Founder and Director of the first and only hospital-based Nutritional and Lifestyle Psychiatry Service in the United States, at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the original and largest teaching hospital at Harvard Medical School. She also serves as the Director of Nutritional Psychiatry at MGH Academy, the world-renowned educational organization, for which she designed and released the first and only CME-based Nutritional Psychiatry educational program to educate other clinicians globally about nutrition for brain health. She also teaches a course in Neuronutrition and Nutrition as Medicine for Brain Health and Performance at Harvard. Dr. Naidoo also serves on the faculty at Harvard Medical School, the Harvard Department of Nutrition, and is a part-time culinary instructor at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts.

Dr. Naidoo serves on the Harvard Health Publishing Editorial Advisory Board and as a consultant for the World Economic Forum on their New Frontiers of Nutrition initiative. After being one of four US physicians invited to meet personally with the then–HRH Prince of Wales, now King Charles III, Dr. Naidoo was asked to lead a public health Food for Mood Campaign with the UK College of Medicine, where she serves as the US Ambassador for Nutritional & Metabolic Psychiatry. 

Dr. Naidoo frequently speaks at conferences around the world and is a regular contributor at CNBC, Harvard Health, mindbodygreen, and Psychology Today, among others. She has appeared as a Nutritional Psychiatry expert on the 700 Club, ABC, Live with Kelly & Ryan, Today, and been featured in AARP, Boston Globe, Fast Company, Harpers, New York Times, Thrive Global, Wall Street Journal, and more. 

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