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Siobhan McCormack

Dr Siobhan McCormack

GP Partner in the NHS

Dr Siobhan McCormack has been a GP partner in the NHS for over 30 years, sufficient time to witness first-hand the tsunami of Non-communicable Chronic Disease derailing the healthcare landscape. Searching for answers, she happened across the British Society of Lifestyle medicine (BSLM) in 2018 and has not looked back since.

She completed the BSLM Diploma in Lifestyle Medicine in 2020 and, thirsty for more knowledge, decided to return to her medical studies and is doing an MSc in Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey.

Her passion for all things Microbiome began in 2018 when she accidentally read The Psychobiotic Revolution and discovered she had a rainforest in her colon. Since then, she has been reading and researching the human microbiome and, in the process, has become a UK expert on boring friends and family about the marvels of the trillions of tiny animalcules that inhabit the human gut. Happily, Dr Shiv has found an outlet for her niche microbial enthusiasm by co-authoring this BSLM Gut Microbiome course with the equally nerdy Dr Sheena. This has satisfied her dual passions (Lifestyle Medicine and the Microbiome) whilst sparing her family untold pain.

She has lectured widely, often unsolicited, on Microbiome Science, Sleep and Lifestyle Medicine but this is her first assault into e-learning territory. 

Unlike Dr Sheena, Dr Shiv is a rubbish cook and a disinterested gardener but appears obsessed with attending Lifestyle Medicine courses, walking lots, and trying to do bendy yoga stuff.


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