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Sheena Fraser

Dr Sheena Fraser

GP Partner

Sheena Fraser is a GP partner and trainer with a special interest in dermatology, minor surgery, lifestyle medicine and microbiome science. She lives and works in Glasgow but completed her medical training in Sheffield.

Sheena's interest in Lifestyle medicine and microbiome science started in 2018 when she attended her first BSLM conference. She has since completed a diploma in lifestyle medicine, lectured in sleep, taken part in sleep and microbiome webinars for BSLM in 2021 and presented at the 2021 and 2022 annual BSLM conferences. She writes regular blogs for BSLM on lifestyle related topics and is also involved in medical training of GP trainees and regularly lectures in Dermatology, lifestyle medicine and microbiome science. She is passionate about preventative medicine and applying lifestyle medicine with patients, so started a patient walking group once a week in April 2021.

After 4 years of writing and researching with a fellow microbiome obsessed friend, Siobhan McCormack, “Gut Microbiome for clinicians” (an online course on the gut microbiome) was published Sept 2022 in collaboration with BSLM. Its aim is educating more health professionals in this fascinating novel field. After realising they were not ready to part ways and had only really touched the surface of microbiome science, Sheena and Siobhan launched the “Microbiome Medics Podcast”. Her own clinical practice has changed greatly with a new found microbiome knowledge and she thrives on the excitement of this new field of medicine.

Sheena is a busy mum to 3 children and passionate about cooking food from scratch using local produce (often foraged). She is a keen supporter of The Soil Association and values connection to nature and the need to protect the integrity of our soil and natural ecosystems.



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