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Sarah Partridge

Dr Sarah Partridge

Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Tranceform-Medical Ltd., UK

Dr Sarah Partridge is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist at Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust specialising in Head & Neck cancers, where she has had prinicipal investigator roles on a number of international trials, is an author of a number of peer-reviewed publications, and recent co-chair on the Local Negotiating Committee.   

Awarded the Henry Myers Exhibition for psychological Medicine at medical school, her interests in Hypnotherapy were initiated during a Research Fellowship in Vancouver prior to her consultant post in 2002. Having completed her Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Distinction, she founded a Hypnotherapy service at Charing Cross Hospital in 2007 with Dr Rumi Peynovska, supported by the Mind-Body Foundation. They later provided Self-Hypnosis training for patients within the Maggie's Centre, and set up Tranceform-Medical Ltd.   

She continues to integrate hypnosis within clinical practice, educating medical students and Specialist Trainees as to its potential to improve well-being & symptom control. She has designed and produced a web-based initiative '' aimed at expanding its use, education and availability for cancer patients, alongside self-care and stress management resources for healthcare professionals. 

Over the course of her career she has held roles in the London Deanery for Specialty Education, medical examiner, and London Cancer Alliance Medicines & Chemotherapy Steering Group committees, as well as a College Tutor for the Royal College of Radiologists. She has taught within the Imperial Medical School curriculum focussed on topics related to Oncology and Ethics, and initiated ongoing discussions aimed at integrating Hypnosis training into the Medical Curriculum. As President for the Royal Society of Medicine Section for Hypnosis & Psychosomatic Medicine she remains dedicated to forge cross-specialty links to highlight the fascinating history, evidence-base and applications of adjuvant clinical hypnosis within a broad scope of medicine, given its adaptability, safety, and potential cost effectiveness.  


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