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Rosy Daniel

Dr Rosy Daniel

Founder and Course Director at Health Creation, Executive Health Coach and Holistic Doctor

Dr Rosy Daniel is an Integrative Cancer Consultant supporting those with cancer to get the best of all worlds, orthodox, complementary, nutritional and psycho-spiritual. After 15 years as Doctor and then Medical Director of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre (now Penny Brohn Cancer Care) and doing focus group research into ‘Meeting the Needs of People with Cancer for Support and Self-Management’ in 1998 she realised that people with cancer needed a ‘link worker’ to help them to support, guide and motivate them to cope positively with their diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, she understood the all-important role of this ‘patient navigator’ to help move people forward from the ‘illness journey’ to the ‘wellness journey’. So, in 2000 she set up the Health Creation Training Academy to train Health Creation Mentors to coach people through the early stages of their experience, and on frequently into better health and happiness than ever before through the application of attention to all of their needs, physical, emotional and spiritual.

She has now trained over 300 health coaches and mentors, and aims to make sure that every person diagnosed with cancer has the empowering, loving support of a truly holistic mentor from the get go. Her Mentorship Diploma is a 600-hour course now fully approved by UKIHCA (United Kingdom and International Health coaches Association), and she also teaches a specialise CPD course ‘Health Coaching for People with Cancer’ for those already trained as health coaches.


  • Medical Director Bristol Cancer Help Centre 1996-1999
  • Founder and Director Health Creation Academy 2000 to present teaching the Health Creation Coaching and Mentorship Diploma
  • Integrative Medicine Consultant in her own clinic
  • Author of seven books on cancer, its prevention and effective self-help and the Health Creation Programme Online for the ‘wellness journey’
  • Gained approval from the UK and International Health Coaching Association for the Health Creation Coaching and Mentorship Diploma 2023



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