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Per Bendix Jeppesen

Prof Per Bendix Jeppesen

Associate Professor Herrens Mark

During more than 25 years of research, Prof. PhD Per Bendix Jeppesen have achieved experiences as project manager in several international projects and become a leading expert in plant-based food products with a focus on bioactive compounds and their effect on physiology in relation to Sport, Nutrition and Health. Especially, a high expertise in clinical human and animal studies on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, diabetes as well as bone metabolism (osteoporosis). Recent studies with phytoestrogen from Red Clover extract include 3 major human intervention studies . He has served as supervisor for more than 20 PhD dissertations, and 26 M.Sci. 134 publications out of these 14 patents. More than 160 oral presentations and posters presented at international scientific meetings, symposiums, and congresses and more than 70 popular papers and television programs. Scientific reviewer for more than 28 international journals.

He is teaching at different courses at Aarhus University, such as Bioactive Food Components and Functional Foods, Advanced Molecular Nutrition and finally Special Nutrition; all based on natural chemistry and molecular biology firmly within the field of Public Health.  He was also one of the founders of the interdisciplinary Nutrition Education program back in 2008 at Aarhus University, Denmark. In connection with his work at Diabetes Nutrition Study Group (part of EASD), he was selected as member if the research team for update international DNSG guidelines for Diabetic dietary recommendations.


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