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Natalie Hall

Natalie Hall

Cancer Exercise Specialist and Dance Specialist, Fireflies Fitness CIC, United Kingdom

FIREFLIES FITNESS CIC was founded in 2021 by Natalie Hall after she completed active treatment for breast cancer at The Royal Marsden Hospital.

Pre-diagnosis Natalie worked as a dance specialist leading her own, successful dance business in London. During her gruelling treatment of multiple surgeries and chemotherapy Natalie kept very active, running to all her appointments, participating in races and dancing. She was able to work and look after her two daughters by herself throughout her treatment as a result of staying fit and healthy. Seeing how other patients were struggling so much more, Natalie realised why she was coping so much better. She also noticed how some patients said they were too worried to exercise.

Since completing treatment Natalie added to her dance training and trained as a Level 3 Personal Trainer and a Level 4 Cancer Exercise Specialist. She founded Fireflies Fitness in order to fill a gap in cancer care and deliver fitness support to the cancer community.

Natalie had gone into an exciting partnership with the Royal Academy of Dance where she delivers ballet to cancer patients with the aim being training other RAD Registered Teachers worldwide to do the same.

She teaches a variety of sessions face to face and online including strength training, interval training, balance, flexibility, mobility and she has recently become a Leader in Running Fitness with England Athletics. Her work has either been voluntary for research purposes or as part of her Community Interest Company. Her mission is to keep her provision inclusive.


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