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Lara Salyer

Dr Lara Salyer

Physician and Author of Right Brain Rescue: One Physician's Journey from Burnout to Bliss Reveals the Creative Muse in All of Us
United States

Dr. Lara Salyer, DO, IFMCP was shocked to discover herself struggling with burnout 15 years into her career as a rural family medicine physician.  To alleviate this heartbreak of feeling trapped in a lackluster career, she started painting, drawing and running.  This regular dose of neurochemical flow state resulted in decreased stress and cognitive clarity.  

Fascinated by this, she began studying the effects of stress/cortisol on physiology, culminating in her decision to certify with the Institute for Functional Medicine.  She resigned from her employed position and opened a holistic membership practice where she leverages technology to build cohesive wellness in her local community through innovative group medical visits, online health education, as well as traditional individual services.

She continued studying with the Flow Research Collective to learn how to coach flow acquisition and transformative high flow leadership.  She infuses this training into her patient care and Catalyst™ programs where she mentors colleagues to redesign their own creative, efficient, and organized career.  

Dr. Lara speaks across the globe on her mission to teach 1 million health professionals how to prescribe their own creativity so they can redesign a work/life masterpiece around autonomy, ease, and joy in a world where burnout will always exist.

She authored her own memoir, Right Brain Rescue: One physician's journey from burnout

to bliss reveals the creative muse in all of us, available on Amazon, and lives in Monroe, Wisconsin with her physician husband, their three children, a manic dog, and infinite piles of laundry.

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