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Jeff Charlton

Jeff Charlton

Technical Director, Building Forensics

Has have been involved worldwide in water damage and building related health issues for over 30 years. His listed accreditations on show extensive training and certifications covering all aspects of Indoor air quality, investigation, and decontamination with verifiable measurement protocols.

Initially training in Sweden, Germany and later in USA he is certified as an Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) in USA and in UK as a qualified member of Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. He is part of various UK and European government committees ranging from emergency planning to CBR terrorist attack and response.

His experience and more importantly broad range of certifications, provide his clients or the medical profession with the expert support they require in identifying building related health risk issues which may be causation of their patients’ health and or delay response to  treatment

His focus is on, hidden and historical or current building related defects or events which may amplify bio contamination and affect occupant health and be a possible causation of building related illness.

As a technical author in British and USA consensus documents on mould, he tries to focus client's expectations and improve the required outcome.

He provides his clients with technical support, sound information on which they can make decisions on risk and hazard assessments and remediation protocols and provide where requested, decontamination and or verifiable results on decontamination or clearance. 


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