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Integrative & Personalised Medicine

Indika Gunaratne

Dr Indika Gunaratne

GP turned Functional and Lifestyle Medicine Doctor, also known as the 'Joyful Dancing Doctor'

Dr. Indika is an experienced GP having many years of devoted service to the NHS. Despite her first-class conventional training, Dr. Indika felt increasingly disheartened by the fact that people of all ages seemed to be getting sicker, both mentally and physically. She found that the conventional toolkit of prescriptions, specialist referrals, surgery and psychological therapies coupled with basic lifestyle advice wasn’t offering a complete solution to the health of her patients. Moreover, sub-optimal health and progressive disease or dysfunction was being accepted by both clinicians and patients alike, as being part of their “new-normal” life.

Dr. Indika experienced her own health struggles and followed the conventional standard of care, but this didn’t help her feel better in any sustained way. It was only through her focus on good nutrition for her daughter that Dr. Indika discovered a different approach to health which goes beyond nutrition and lifestyle: Functional Medicine. She started to use this approach to heal herself and noticed a fulfilling transformation in her patient encounters as she brought elements of Functional Medicine to her NHS consultations.

Dr Indika helps empower women to live their true selves by using a whole-person in-depth approach that respects both emerging progressive science and evidence steeped in ancient wisdom. This includes functional medicine & coaching and other alternative interventions, including joyful energy boosting dancing, fully tailored to the individuals needs.

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