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Filip van hulle

Filip van hulle

General Manager, Kaneka Nutrients Europe

Filip is a pharmacist with a degree at Catholic Research University in the city of Leuven, Belgium.

He also has a Professional Diploma as a Chemist for drugstores in Netherlands. He obtained a management degree at Vlerick Leuven-Gent Management School. He followed numerous courses as Orthomolecular Medicine; Polyphenols and Herbal medicine; Nutrition, Exercise and Sports.  

Filip has worked in France, Netherlands and Belgium in different positions as broad as community pharmacist and for a dietary supplement company.

Prior to joining Kaneka back in 2004 he worked for dietary supplement company and did many jobs such as building sales argumentation (and training) for sales reps, evaluating and creating scientific documentation plus answering questions from health professionals/consumers, giving lectures for doctors/pharmacists/consumers, writing newsletters, establishing opinion leader network, involved in new product development and regulatory, attending meetings with dietary supplement organization, developing purchasing system and responsible for the purchase of all ingredients and final products, managing production at the factory, etc.

Filip is currently General Manager at Kaneka Nutrients Europe. Kaneka is a Japanese origin manufacturer and have been pioneering (since 1977) in natural Coenzyme Q10. After the introduction of Ubiquinol in 2008 their focus has shifted to this active form of CoQ10. He has been involved in explaining about this nutrient to the market and establishing awareness and credibility in different countries and doing work with different scientists.


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