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Deepak Ravindran

Dr Deepak Ravindran

NHS Consultant in Pain, MSK and Lifestyle Medicine, Visiting lecturer, University of Reading, Clinical Lead for Pain Medicine and Longcovid service, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, and Author of the "Pain Free Mindset"

Dr Deepak Ravindran is a boundary spanning ‘upstreamist’ with a trauma informed approach to pain practice. He has over 20 years of experience in Pain Management and is Clinical Lead in Pain Medicine at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, Berkshire, UK. He is one of the very few consultants in the UK who holds certification in musculoskeletal, pain medicine and board certified in lifestyle medicine. He lectures nationally and internationally on issues in Longcovid, Pain Medicine and Trauma informed practice and has regularly spoken to the media and television on these issues.

He Helped establish the award-winning community pain service in Berkshire (IPASS) in 2015 and more recently helped set up and operationalise the Berkshire Longcovid Integrated Service (BLIS) in 2020. He continues to work clinically in both services still. He initiated Pain research in his department and is an active part of the Pain Research Network at the University of Reading. He has been recently completed the Honours degree in Management at the Henley Business School and has been awarded the Southeast apprentice of the Year for 2020 and the National Apprentice of the Year for 2021 by Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Learner of the Year by the FAB organisation 2021.

He is part of the scientific advisory board at Curable, MyPain and also part of the Footsteps Festival team and a FlippinPain Friend. He is an advisor to UK’s first Online Pain Clinic  The Leva Clinic.

Dr Deepak Ravindran is a speaker and podcast host of the channel PainSpeak and author of Amazon Best Seller “The Pain Free Mindset” released in 2021. This book is aimed at patients suffering with pain but also immensely useful for all healthcare professionals in understanding all the recent advances around pain management in a trauma informed manner.

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