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"Personalised Supplements" : Delivering Chinese Herbal Medicine as an Individualised, Targeted Treatment on a Large Scale

17 Jun 2022
Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) is an invaluable tool in the treatment of a huge spectrum of health concerns and forms part of the public healthcare systems of countries like China and Japan. In this workshop Anthony O Connor (MSc. and licensed herbalist) will give an introduction to the basic principles of CHM, primarily its use of herbal combinations rather than individual herbs to personalise treatment for individual patients and individual presentations of illness. He will then discuss mechanisms for delivering such a complex system on a large scale, focusing on the work Herbprime has been doing with its latest line of pre-prepared herbal medicine products.  Anthony hopes to use this workshop to demonstrate the unique principles and applications of CHM to practitioners in all medical fields. He will be delighted to answer any questions after the talk.
Anthony O'Connor , Practicing acupuncturist, herbalist and content creator in the field of contemporary Chinese medicine practice

Herbprime - established in the UK in 2006 with the mission of supplying a full range of TCM products focused on quality, safety and sustainability.  They are passionate about the wellbeing of their patients and selectively work with partners that share their values without compromise.

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