Workshops - Friday

Integrative & Personalised Medicine

Workshops - Friday

  1. UK Health Coaches Association: Changing Lives & Professional Practice with Health, Wellness & Wellbeing Coaching: The What, Where & How

    Health, Wellness and Wellbeing Coaching is an emerging, skilful and powerful discipline that changes people’s lives and transforms health professionals’ practice.  In this 90-Minute session, senior Members of the UK Health Coaches Association (UKHCA) will lead a panel discussion to: Clarify what health coaching is (and isn’t), where it happens and how the tools and techniques of a health coaching-approach transform people’s health outcomes and health professionals’ practice; Highlight how health, wellness and wellbeing coaches are working across a range of settings in private, general and hospital practice, the community, education and in the workplace; Illustrate the impact of health coaching on a variety of health conditions from oncology to autoimmune conditions, Long-Covid, chronic and long-term conditions, stress, obesity/weight management and mental health. 

    This is a FREE to ATTEND workshop for everyone who has registered for the 'Exhibition Only Pass' by 12th June 2022

  2. British Society of Ecological Medicine Seminar Programme

    What is Ecological Medicine? presented by Dr Damien Downing

    We are dealing with multiple epidemics right now. Levels of allergy, cancer, autoimmunity, and degenerative diseases are rising relentlessly. Current medical approaches are struggling to alleviate the burden of these diseases.  Learn more about BSEM’s systems approach to health that considers the interactions between individuals and their environment, and its health consequences.

    Improving Patient’s health with Ecological Medicine – an NHS GP’s perspective presented by Dr Jerry Thompson

    As a General Practitioner within the NHS, Dr Thompson felt that conventional medicine wasn’t improving his patients’ health problems.  By applying a set of Ecological Medicine principles we can achieve better health and recovery.

    BSEM: Training and support presented by Mira Beattie

    Mira will illustrate how BSEM supports its members: Doctors and other Allied Health Professionals, and the benefits of membership of the Society.

  3. Moore

    Douglas McCabeDouglas McCabe (PhD, Cambridge) is a former McKinsey consultant, and founder of Fuelbetter. He describes a near-future where a new food system has emerged, led by start-ups like Fuelbetter - one in which everyone has access to truly affordable, fresh-made, nutritionally optimal meals tailored to each person's unique needs and health goals, thereby preventing chronic disease (and reversing it in many cases). He describes the innovative technology now available from Fuelbetter and others that is making this future possible.

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    Fuelbetter - utilises a new technology that dramatically reduces the cost of providing fresh-made, home-delivered, individually-tailored "food-as-medicine" to the whole family.
  4. An opportunity to learn about the National Centre for Integrative Medicine's Master’s Level 7 Diploma in Integrative Healthcare

    NCIM is one of the key providers of Integrative Healthcare Training in the UK, Europe and the globe. Now in to the 5th year of delivery of the Master’s Level 7 Diploma in Integrative Healthcare, the teaching team will talk through the structure of the programme and you will hear from participants how the Diploma has transformed their lives. Come and find out more and be part of this growing movement for change in healthcare and bring the joy back in to your clinical practice.

  5. Herbal medicine & the future of medicine

    Herbal medicine is effective, safe and offers solutions for sustainable healthcare. We will share how herbal medicine can contribute to enhancing quality of life as well as reducing the burden of chronic disease by empowering self-care and resolving some of the gaps in modern healthcare. As a more person-centric and preventative approach to health grows within the Integrative Medicine movement, join us at Herbal Reality for a journey into the future of medicine.

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  6. Integrative oncology in the UK - expanding collaboration and improving access

    This workshop by the British Society for Integrative Oncology (BSIO) aims to continue discussions started at the Integrative Oncology UK 2022 online conference, focusing on emerging directions and bringing evidence into practice. In this workshop, we will build on this material, discussing how to expand multidisciplinary and cross-sector collaboration in the UK and how to improve access to up-to-date practical information and integrative oncology interventions in clinical practice. 

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