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Rewilded Medicine

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Rewilded Medicine is the medicine we have all been waiting for- the best of modern conventional medicine combined with all associated integrative and humanistic methods which address the Bio-Psycho-Social determinants of illness and support all aspects of social prescribing, nutrition, health and well-being. Current Western Medicine simply cannot and is unable to embrace these parameters!

Much as Pharmaceutical companies acknowledge placebo effects which are incorporated into treatments for commercial profit, Rewilded Medicine concentrates on optimal clinical outcomes for each and every patient utilising safe therapeutic techniques to benefit their optimal well-being and freedom. Mind, body and spirit are regarded equally, with each client/ patient's informed consent. All physical, emotional and traumatic life events are given space to be acknowledged as appropriate. The treatment package is compassionate and supportive, aimed at being self-empowering and liberating, developing insights and skills which can be expanded on and shared with loved ones, doctors, nurses and their health team.

Rewilded Medicine embraces the journey and development of each individual with love, the best of medical science, all the Integrative health techniques you will learn about at this conference....and more!


Doozes Farm
Witherenden Road
TN20 6RS
United Kingdom
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