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Integrative & Personalised Medicine

Nordic Laboratories

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Each body is unique. Thus, the current healthcare model of standardised treatment for everyone is not the proper way to address healthcare. Instead, Nordic Laboratories promote the functional medicine view of healthcare as individualised and preventative, not just generalised and reactionary.

The aim of healthcare should be to fortify and maintain health, prevent disease and help people live well. For many patients this means working with his or her practitioner to develop a treatment, diet, or routine specific to that patient. This patient/practitioner relationship is of utmost importance. Nordic Laboratories goal is to help practitioners treat their patients as successfully as possible - whether to alleviate the pains of chronic disease or to better her marathon best. 

Laboratory tests reveal who we really are - physically unique individuals, the sum of numerous biochemical systems. The study of these systems grants us perspective into how we live and how we feel. To know your body is to know your self. With this knowledge Nordic Laboratories can make informed decisions on how to alter our habits to better our lives.

In 2013, Nordic Laboratories and DNAlysis Biotechnology joined efforts to create DNA Life, a set of state-of-the-art genetic tests specialising in general health, nutrition, and fitness potential.


Nygade 6, 3.sal
1164 Copenhagen K
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