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We’re an ethically motivated company committed to researching and developing innovative natural products to address the evolving needs of patients and practitioners.

With an emphasis on the highest quality, we strive to use organic, and wherever possible, biodynamically produced ingredients to craft our products which are mainly made in Italy and the UK. We are always excited to find ways of developing new products that have the least possible impact on the environment.

Dr Klinghardt MD, PhD is the medical advisor for KiScience. He’s an award-winning medical doctor and scientist, internationally recognised for his successful treatment of chronic illness, especially Lyme disease, chronic pain and autism.  He has developed his own highly sensitive and accurate form of diagnosis based on bio-feedback testing called A.R.T.™ (Autonomic Response Testing) ®. A.R.T. is now used by many clinics worldwide.

Founded by Daniela Deiosso MSc in 2016, KiScience is the culmination of a long-standing interest in plant medicine and the healing power of herbs. Writing her thesis on plant medicine in the late 90s, she spent time in Central America studying the indigenous plants and how they are used in healing. Spending time living with remote tribes who had little interaction with the outside world, Daniela experienced first-hand how they use plants to heal themselves. Collecting these plants for later research in the lab she studied which components were benefitting certain illnesses, studying the individual herbs and how they interact with one another.

In creating products for KiScience, Dr Klinghardt and Daniela bring together their knowledge and passion for healing and helping people to live healthier lives.


Unit 14
Hunns Mere Way
East Sussex
United Kingdom
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