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humanpeople: personalised health and longevity powered by precision and expertise

At, we're revolutionising the way health and longevity supplements are delivered and consumed. Founded by Dr. Geoff Mullan, an expert in longevity and wellness, humanpeople allows you to give your patients “just what they need”. We also offer a range of home diagnostic tests to give you the data to get to the root cause of health problems. 

Build personalised supplement stacks for your patients with high-strength, single-ingredient options. For practitioners looking to craft bespoke supplement protocols, our extensive range of high-strength, single-ingredient supplements offers unparalleled flexibility, delivered to patients in convenient daily sachets.

Access advanced solutions for longevity. humanpeople offers the world’s widest selection available in single sachets, specialising in third-party tested supplements focused on longevity, supporting healthspan and wellness through scientifically-backed ingredients. These targeted solutions cater to the growing demand for preventive health care and age management, providing you and your clients with the tools to thrive.

Create your own co-branded protocols/stacks to sell to your patients as well as through our platform.

Increase compliance and success with our single-sachet system. Replace the hassle of multiple bottles and complex schedules with a single, sachet approach designed to improve compliance and effectiveness. Each sachet is crafted to contain exactly what your clients need for the day.

Introducing the Pro Platform. We are excited to launch the Pro platform, which empowers health practitioners to utilise our comprehensive fulfilment service. This tool simplifies the process of supplement administration, ensuring that each client receives a personalised, easy-to-manage package that supports their health journey.

Join us at our booth to discover how can transform your practice with our innovative health solutions. Experience a live demo of our Pro platform and explore how our tailored, environmentally-conscious supplement solutions can enhance the way you provide care.


Studio 1.23 Grand Union Studios
332 Ladbroke Grove
W10 5AD
United Kingdom
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