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Delivering personalised nutrition for better health

As pioneers in food sensitivity testing, CNSLab offers premium quality diagnostic tests for healthcare practitioners to accurately identify lifestyle and dietary changes that can significantly improve their patients' long-term health and well-being. They believe in promoting a more personalised approach to health, specialising in a range of tests associated with food sensitivity and gut health.

Part of Omega Diagnostics, CNSLab has used their expertise and knowledge in the nutrition and functional medicine sector to support their practitioner base using advanced laboratory diagnostics for over 30 years.

Why choose CNSLab?

Industry Leading Clinically Relevant Testing. Unique diagnostic solutions, backed by scientific expertise.

The Practitioners Choice. The most comprehensive food sensitivity test panels, underpinned with expert technical and nutrition support for optimal gut health.

Practitioner Education Programme. Their scientific education programme for practitioners offers the most up-to-date scientific evidence in respect of gut health.

Trust. Their products are trusted by over 150 medical laboratories worldwide.

Key Products

Food Detective

Used by healthcare practitioners to test for sensitivities across 59 common foods. Rapid results in just 40 minutes. For professional use only.


A comprehensive laboratory-based test analysing IgG antibodies to over 200 foods with various panels available. Quantitative reporting allows for more personalised and precise dietary management.

HPA Axis and Stress Function

Analyses Cortisol and DHEA levels over 24 hours to measure and address stress levels.

High sensitivity C-Reactive protein (hs-CRP)

Provides insight into an individual’s “inflammatory status” and can be used to inform dietary and lifestyle changes to help reduce inflammation levels and monitor the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory protocols.


Eden Research Park
Henry Crabb Road
United Kingdom
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