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Building Forensics offer our clients unique investigation and remediation services based on sound science, thirty years' experience, and unrivalled qualification as Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEP). Certified in USA as CIEC, founding members of ISAEI and original members of Surviving Mold IEP groups we are also certified members of Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and Hon Fellow of British Damage Management Association. 

Building related illness has replaced Sick Building Syndrome and most medical practitioners recognise treatment is unlikely to be very successful if triggers remain in the patient's environment. 

While water, moisture damage and ventilation has always been the focus of any building investigation, mould and speciation has usually been the focus of bio contamination. However, evidence has increasingly shown gram positive and negative bacteria, mVOCs, chemicals, fragments are amongst the major contributor triggers or inflammagens requiring assessment. 

The complex matrix of causation, contamination and bio aerosol dynamics, coupled to air pathways and distribution, requires special skill sets and very special equipment. Come and see our equipment and discuss your needs or technical issues on stand F21 

We have also just launched what we believe to be a state of art decontamination protocol based on chemistry and physics which can provide a second best to the very expensive professional medically safe decontamination at a fraction of the cost. Not only providing massive reduction of exposure and long-term defence against biological risks but verified results using new technology listed in new British and ASTM Standards which verify reduction levels of both fungi and allergens. 

Could your patient's treatment respond better if their exposure contaminates, and causation was identified and then reduced? 

Find out about new Chinese methods of decontamination, New methods of mould and inflammagen risk reduction

New methods of measuring viable and dormant mould and sources,

New methods of clearance and verification for decontamination

New methods of decontamination based on science and verification to British and International  Standards

Most importantly find out why current decontamination protocols don’t and never have worked  and what will work.


71-75 Shelton Street
United Kingdom
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