Food on Prescription Conference Programme - Saturday 18 June 2022

Integrative & Personalised Medicine

Food on Prescription Conference Programme - Saturday 18 June 2022

Food on Prescription Conference - Saturday 18 June 2022


We are delighted to host the College of Medicine's fourth annual food conference under the umbrella of the Integrative & Personalised Medicine Congress.

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  1. The Whittle

    Welcome from the Co-Chairs Dr Rupy Aujla, NHS GP and Founder of ‘The Doctor’s Kitchen’ and Dr Catherine Zollman, GP & Medical Director of Penny Brohn UK cancer charity.  This is the Fourth College of Medicine annual food conference. Healthy Food: For Everyone, is a key chapter in the College manifesto and part of The College of Medicine's vision for a better healthcare in the next decade, which underlines the importance of good nutrition at both a local and national level.  

    Dr Rupy Dr Zollman

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  1. The Whittle

    Harriet100x100When it comes to fertility, healthy eating can affect reproduction health.  More than just folic acid, learn about key vitamins and nutrients that need to be in the diet for both men and woman looking to get pregnant.

  1. The Whittle
    drindra100x100 Dr Indra Barathan will highlight the importance of getting to the root cause of digestive issues and how nutrition plays an important part. Find out what to look for and what to recommend for your patients.  
  1. The Whittle

    sarahdavies100x100Having experience autoimmune diseases first-hand, Dr Sarah Davies is passionate about help helping her patients to make the simple and life-changing interventions that have helped her to live a pain-free, healthy and active life.

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    Marie Polley

    This presentation will explain what social prescribing is and how social prescribing link workers are being trained to support a range of food related issues that their clients are reporting. These issues include the need to manage excess weight and improve their lifestyle, issues with malnutrition and starvation from poverty. You will hear what a short CPD on supporting food-related issues is covering and how Chloe, a social prescribing link worker has benefitted from this course.

  1. The Whittle

    Ben BrownWith immune health at the forefront of everyone's minds, nutrition plays a key role. Learn about the vitamins and minerals that play a key role in supporting immune health as well as the deficiencies that can lead to a weakened immune system and greater susceptibility to infection.  Ben Brown is a science writer and speaker. He teaches nutritional medicine, speaks internationally, and contributes regularly to magazines and scientific journals. Ben also works in the research and development of herbs and natural supplements. He is author of The Digestive Health Solution.


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