Integrative & Personalised Medicine

The Breakthrough Depression Solution

Dr James Greenblatt

In The Breakthrough Depression Solution: A Personalized 9-Step Method for Beating the Physical Causes of Your Depression, Dr. James Greenblatt, a pioneer in integrative medicine and dually certified child and adult psychiatrist, lays out a proven approach to identifying and healing the physical contributors to your depression. Despite the dozens of antidepressants on the market, millions of people who seek treatment for depression fail to find ongoing relief from their symptoms. Others must go through months of medication trials before finding the prescription(s) that works best for them. In The Breakthrough Depression Solution, Dr. Greenblatt uses what he's coined THE ZEEBrA approach to take readers beyond traditional treatment strategies toward healing. Dr. Greenblatt argues that, to treat depression, clinicians must understand the connection between mind and body and start looking at the unique biochemistry of each individual, including physical factors such as nutrition, genetics, hormones, and stress. Finding the right treatment is easier than people think and may be as simple as taking a vitamin or mineral tablet. The author discusses the latest technology and the many tests available to ensure that medications and other treatments are targeted to each individual for the best outcome possible. A chapter describing the tests that patients can ask for empowers readers to get the treatment they deserve.

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