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The Real Food Solution

Izabella Natrins
The scientific evidence shows us that the food we’ve been eating and the way we’ve been growing, raising, producing, cooking and sourcing it has been utterly destructive at every level. The way we eat can no longer sustain our health, our animals and plants, or our planet. We’re hearing a lot about how going plant-based and even 100% vegan will be much better for all - but is this really true? Is it that simple?

Today, chronic diseases of every kind - diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, degenerative, digestive and autoimmune disorders - are epidemic. Yet these conditions are largely diet and lifestyle-driven and they are preventable. Changing what we eat can be our quickest win.

What if you discovered truths about food that made you want to change the way you eat? What if you could find better health through making different food choices? How would it feel to be full of energy instead of having to think about your health every day? What if your food choices helped to improve food quality, animal welfare, local economies and the health of our planet?
The Real Food Solution is your call-to-action if you're confused, anxious, suspicious, at a loss as to what to eat, worried about how your food is produced and how this impacts the planet. It's a call to care where your food comes from, to become a more conscious consumer and to make real food choices not only for your health but for a healthy and sustainable planet.

I have dedicated The Real Food Solution to supporting the work of the British Holistic Medical Association’s Real Food Campaign UK. This health-led campaign is a working collaboration of doctors, health professionals, farmers, growers, food producers and suppliers joining the dots for a healthy, sustainable and affordable British diet for all.

Discover the deep nutrition of meat, eggs, butter, cheese and milk from grass-fed animals; bone and mineral broths; organic fruit and vegetables; wild-caught seafood; cultured and fermented foods; herbs and spices. These traditional, foods kept generations of our ancestors free from the chronic diseases which plague us today and they helped me to reverse a progressive autoimmune disorder. These foods can do the same for you and a return to a traditional diet can regenerate our planet

The Real Food Solution is truly a treasury of evidence-based wisdom for energy, vitality and better health for you and your planet.


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