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Integrative & Personalised Medicine

The Pulse Cure: Balance stress, optimise health and live longer

Dr Torkil Færø

What if you could see the toll that over-work, too much sugar or bad sleep really take on your system?

What if you knew what boosts your energy, and what saps it, and when you are heading for burnout?

What if you could feel more vitality and joy, have stronger will power and live longer?

With the aid of your phone, smartwatch or a wearable heart rate monitor and The Pulse Cure, you can. The key lies in measuring your heart rate variability - the distance between your heart beats - which indicates what is happening in your autonomic nervous system. Tuning into your heart rate variability can show you how your personal constitution reacts to specific stressors and help you tailor what you need to do to recharge.

Whether you are healthy but want to take a proactive approach to your health, or exhausted and want your energy back, Dr Færø's clear, upbeat guidance will help you to:

· improve your sleep
· discover the right type and level of exercise for you
· find the best way for you to relax and find calm
· spot early signs of illness and disease
· fight burnout and chronic fatigue
· avoid inflammation in the body.

Start a conversation with your body. It might have surprising things to tell you!

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