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Integrative & Personalised Medicine

The Invisible Lion

Benjamin Fry

Something is missing in your life. So, you go to a store and buy what you need. You get the flat-packed furniture home, open it up and spread the pieces out on the floor.

But there’s no instructions. That is your life. This book is the instructions.

You have everything you need. It’s there on the floor. Getting it to work together in a way which actually solves the problem you started your day with is a huge challenge.

You ask friends. Each of them has a different opinion. You try it their ways. Sometimes you get close. But it’s not right. You laugh at your failures. The problem remains.

A family member drops by. She knows what you should do. You try that too. That doesn’t work either. Which makes you annoyed and frustrated. You tell her to go away.

You sit alone, baffled, frustrated. Lost. Still trying to solve the problem. Still with everything you need spread out on your sitting room floor.

Then a stranger rings your doorbell. He gives you something. It tells you how it works. It is the instructions. You put your furniture together and set it up in the house. The problem is solved. You clear away the mess.

Now everything is better. It’s hard to remember what was missing before, or the confusion you had to deal with.

I am that stranger.

These are the instructions. This flipbook will help you to communicate the concepts and ideas of The Invisible Lion in conversations and consultations with others.

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