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Integrative & Personalised Medicine

Integrative Women's Health

Dr Victoria Maizes

As the largest group of healthcare consumers, women demand a broader, more integrative approach to their care, and this title meets that demand. While other books aimed at general audiences are commonplace, this is the first in-depth, wide-reaching reference on integrative women's health, written for both health-care professionals and general audiences. Not only does this title help providers address women's reproductive health, but it also explores conditions that manifest themselves differently in women than in men, such as, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, HIV, depression, and cancer. The book presents the best evidence―in a clinically relevant manner―for the safe and effective use of herbs, vitamins, diet, and mind-body strategies not usually taught in mainstream medicine, as well as conventional medical treatments.

Dr. Maizes is Executive Director of Andrew Weil's program and Dr. Low Dog is Director of Education and an internationally recognized authority of women's health and herbal medicine. The book offers a critical appraisal of integrative approaches in women's health, including candid discussions of what is known versus not known, and it provides insight on how to advise patients with controversial issues such as sexual disfunction and loss of libido. In managing the patient, alternative therapies are never seen as substitutes for mainstream medical care but always 'integrated' into the overall regimen. Dr. Maizes and Low Dog present the information in an easy-to-read, two-colour format featuring clinical pearls and key points.

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