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Integrative & Personalised Medicine

Become Human Again

Leo Pruimboom
How healthy is Homo sapiens today?

In the course of evolution, there have always been major changes in the way of life of us humans. Especially in recent times, not necessarily in a direction that is also good for us. Between countless diets and modern lifestyle trends, it is difficult to keep track of what is actually beneficial to health.

In this book, the power of species-appropriate nutrition is shown and the reader is introduced to the world of clinical psycho-neuro-immunology in a fascinating way. It's about much more than healthy eating: it's about recognizing how the individual components of our everyday life and their combination affect our bodies. The authors therefore also go into detail about the mechanisms of action of various diseases, the importance of metabolic processes, hormones and physical reactions.

The key to a species-appropriate life

Species-appropriate means according to humans. Therefore, species-appropriate nutrition pursues the approach of adapting our food to humanity again. Because: The fact that people eat something does not mean that it is also human food.
At the end of each chapter, appropriate foods and suitable recipes are compiled, which are specifically tailored to the individual mechanisms of action.
Over 70 recipes are presented here – from a fruity orange-saffron soup to fried radicchio salad with watermelon and pecans, fish packets with lemongrass leek vegetables to a cardamom-coconut pudding.
The result is a fascinating variety of flavors that the reader can prepare surprisingly easily himself.
This book is written for all people who are interested in maintaining their well-being through their own interventions and implementing a healthy, species-appropriate lifestyle.


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