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Reclaim Your Immune System: Advanced Clinical Strategies for Post-viral Fatigue Syndromes and PASC

08 Jun 2024
The Gielgud

Many previously healthy individuals with Post-acute Sequelae COVID (PASC) experience debilitating symptoms such as pain, extreme fatigue, brain fog, and gut dysfunction. They struggle to find an effective root-cause approach to restore their energy and reclaim their immune resilience. Recent studies state that Long-haul Syndrome is not self-resolving unless the underlying causes driving the tissue damage and severe inflammation are addressed, this is rarely happening. 

Patients are increasingly seeking help from Integrative and Nutrition-focused practitioners for post-pandemic symptoms and cognitive issues. Recent estimates show that 5–30% of the population experiences post-COVID conditions, with over 200 connected symptoms. In Dr. Kristi's session, she delves into sub-phenotypes of PASC, exploring hypotheses related to viral persistence, mitochondrial dysfunction, immune dysregulation, organ injury, and microbiome challenges.

Cultivating Immune Resilience and providing a targeted Post-viral Recovery Program involves identifying unique antecedents and triggers, while addressing root causes with natural medicine solutions, dietary modifications, and targeted therapeutics. Personalized care plans are essential to manage post-viral fatigue syndromes effectively, helping patient come out of the darkness of immune dysregulation and tissue damage for good.

Dr Kristi Morlan-Hughes, Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Physician, Owner of DocereVita Clinic and Natural Medicine Dispensary & Educator and Chief Medical Education Officer NutriDyn

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