Integrative & Personalised Medicine


Integrative & Personalised Medicine (IPM) 2022

IPM 2022 is a new congress schedule to take place in-person from 16-18 June 2022 at the Queen Elizabeth II centre in London, UK

The congress aims to highlight the significant benefits of a whole-person, patient centred approach to healthcare that combines conventional treatment with integrative, functional, lifestyle, holistic and complementary methods resulting in better patient outcomes.

Very much grounded in evidence-based medicine, this congress will share the knowledge, expertise and resources of the many doctors, therapists and practitioners who are using their years of clinical experience to address long-term disease that is putting increasing strain on the conventional healthcare system. 


Combining Three Conferences in One

Integrative & Personalised Medicine congress will combine a world-class international exhibition and conference and will be co-located with the already established College of Medicine ‘Food on Prescription’ conference and two new conferences; Whole-person Health conference and Integrative Mental Health conference.

  • The Whole-person Health conference will be chaired by Dr Elizabeth Thomson, CEO National Centre for Integrative Medicine and will include some of the leading names in integrative, personalised, functional and holistic medicine on a broad range of case studies focusing on healthcare issues.
  • The Food on Prescription Conference will be the fourth outing for the College of Medicines annual one day food conference that has become the leading UK event on food, lifestyle and medicine and is a “must attend” for all healthcare professionals, who want to know how to create a healthier future for our patients, communities and nation. 
  • The Integrative Mental Health much needed conference will explore the evidence and impact of integrative medicine for mental health.  The congress will aim to highlight the benefits of this rapidly emerging approach that combines nutrition, social prescribing, psychotherapy, cannabinoids, psychedelics and a range of evidence-based complementary therapies to address this important issue that is having a profound effect on society today. 

Learning from each other – bringing all modalities together

The varying approaches to healthcare can often result in doctors, therapists and practitioners working in silos.  By stripping back the labels and encouraging dialogue and the sharing of information, the clinician can remove their own biases and combine a range of approaches that provide the patient with the best possible outcomes. 

Dr Michael Dixon, Chair of the College of Medicine, UK and Joint-Chair of the Integrative & Personalised Medicine congress comments;

I am seeing amongst by younger colleagues, the newly trained GPs, that they have a new attitude towards healthcare. They are not interested in whether something is viewed as conventional, complementary, functional or lifestyle, they are just looking at what works for their patients.  Through this conference, we aim to capture that sense of hope, open-mindedness, and patient-centred care

By sharing clinical experience, knowledge and ideas we hope to see the start of a new revolution that strips away the labels and focuses on whole-person, patient centred care. We hope that this united common front across all modalities will be the start of a movement, that will eminent from the Integrative & Personalised conference in London, throughout the UK, perhaps through Europe and around the world.  We hope that this congress will bring together some of the best talents, so we can pool our knowledge and resources and leave re-invigorated and inspired.

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