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2024 Workshop Programme

Integrative & Personalised Medicine


Using the Functional Medicine Model in genetics and preventive cardiology

08 Jun 2024
Education , Functional Medicine

Join Clinical Education for an enlightening workshop as they delve into the realm of Functional Medicine, a dynamic approach that revolutionises healthcare by addressing the root causes of disease. This workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of the Functional Medicine Model and its profound impact on clinical practice.

Participants will gain insights into the unparalleled training provided by the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), renowned for its commitment to excellence and innovation. Discover how IFM's rigorous curriculum equips healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of modern healthcare.

Clinical Education will explore the practical applications of the Functional Medicine Model in a clinical setting. From optimising patient outcomes to enhancing practice income, learn how this integrative approach fosters holistic healing and sustainable wellness.

Central to the workshop is a compelling case study that illustrates the transformative power of the Functional Medicine Matrix in real-world practice. Witness firsthand how this innovative framework enables practitioners to identify and address underlying imbalances, leading to profound improvements in patient health and vitality. Through a detailed analysis of the case study, participants will gain valuable insights into the practical implementation of Functional Medicine principles, equipping them with the tools needed to elevate their practice to new heights.

Dr Laurens Maas, Leading Doctor of Integrated Medicine in Europe

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