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2024 Workshop Programme

Integrative & Personalised Medicine


The gut-brain-immune axis; Metabolic support from head to toe

07 Jun 2024
Metabolic Health , Nutraceuticals

In this post-pandemic era of clinical practice, we are seeing a surge of fatigue, immune dysregulation, brain fog, gut microbiome issues, hormone challenges and an increase in both cancer incidence and recurrence. That requires practitioners to connect the dots. Our understanding of the gut-brain-immune communication has deepened, cultivating sympathetic balance plays a greater role in pathophysiology of chronic diseases more than ever before. Post-viral fatigue recovery requires strategies that target immune rejuvenation as the way forward to cultivating a return of vital energy. Cancer treatments require analysing the tumor immune micro-environment to sustain results and prevent recurrences.  Join Drs. Wafaa and Kristi for a clinical conversation, as they explore clinical pearls and what is working most effectively when they apply Metabolic Nutrition-based nutraceuticals. 


Dr Wafaa Abdel-Hadi, Clinical Oncologist & Functional Medicine Doctor, International Speaker, Researcher and the Founder of AWARE Clinic, Egypt
Dr Kristi Morlan-Hughes, Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Physician, Owner of DocereVita Clinic and Natural Medicine Dispensary & Educator and Chief Medical Education Officer NutriDyn

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