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2024 Workshop Programme

Integrative & Personalised Medicine


Not "Just Exercise": Strengths & challenges of providing yoga to patients & healthcare professionals

07 Jun 2024
Complementary Therapy , Membership Organisation , Yoga

Yoga has been practiced for hundreds of years and in more recent times has been taken up by people across the world seeking a tool to improve their health and wellbeing. 

However, wellbeing and mental illness are the end result of a complex interplay of factors: what role can yoga play in whole-person health? Is Yoga a cultural practice, a way of life, a sport, an exercise, a hobby, a science or a form of therapy? Is there evidence to support the use of yoga for wellbeing? Why, and how, should we practice yoga to optimise the benefits? Should we confidently encourage others to do the same?

We look forward to welcoming delegates to an interactive workshop in which we share our experience, and participants have the opportunity to connect and share their ideas.

This workshop will include presentations & guided facilitation exploring:
- Yoga and Yoga Culture: What is Yoga? (and what isn't?)
- More than "Just Postures": The evidence for yoga as a healthcare tool
- Yoga as 'Union': Breath work and Social Connection
- Challenges, Risks and Limitations 
- Evidence: Overstating and/or understating benefits & risks?
- Social Prescribing & delivering yoga to NHS patients
- Burnout & Wellbeing: Delivering yoga to NHS healthcare workers
- A practical demonstration through shared practice: gentle stretching postures to set a calm, focussed mindset for the day ahead at Conference*

We look forward to connecting with you!



DOI: No funds or sponsorship has been received by the charity or individual speakers. The workshop is not aimed to raise money for YIHA.

The Yoga in Healthcare Alliance (YIHA) is a registered UK Charity with an aim to raise awareness of the evidence-based benefits & risks of yoga, and to promote and integrate, the use of evidence-based yoga in UK healthcare.

As individuals we have developed our understanding and practice of yoga through experienced research, study, practice & teaching. As a Charity, YIHA, we are a number of individuals who have come together to share our passion, experience and values; our board of directors includes experienced NHS GPs, Consultants, Yoga Therapists, a Harvard Professor, and experienced Yoga teachers.

As a charity, we have developed a nationally accredited yoga programme adapted to be accessible to people from all backgrounds with an intention that this can be delivered without profit, so that all can experience a safe, effective yoga programme. We attend the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Yoga, working to highlight the benefits of yoga at the highest level. We offer a staff wellbeing programme accredited by the Royal College of GPs.

*The session is designed to be safe and accessible for all. We will take part in normal daywear; special clothing or Handstand-Skills are not required!

*The session features practice adapted to support participants to join seated on a chair. A yoga mat is not required (& will not be supplied during the session).


Dr Rupal Dave, Consultant Psychiatrist, United Kingdom
Paul Fox, Chief Executive Officer, Yoga In Healthcare Alliance
Heather Mason, Founder - The Minded Institute, UK

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