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2023 Workshop Programme

Integrative & Personalised Medicine


The Benefits of Glucose and Ketone Testing for the Patient, Practitioner, and Society

29 Jun 2023
Diagnostic Testing , Nutrition
  • Learn why glucose and ketone testing are vital to establishing and maintaining metabolic health, not only for the patient, and the practitioner but for society as a whole.
  • Learn how to easily create a path to metabolic health by dialing in nutrition choices, utilizing the map and compass model.
  • Learn how data-driven technology can help practitioners and coaches achieve greater adherence to therapeutic carbohydrate restriction, resulting in improved health outcomes.

In this dynamic presentation Dorian will explore how real time biofeedback facilitates patients’ behavioural change in their nutrition choices.  He will highlight why it is important to monitor glucose and ketones and will also compare the different types of glucose and ketone testing available – blood, breath, and urine.  He will show how real time data can be relayed to the healthcare team, allowing for remote patient monitoring, promoting accountability and adherence to the dietary protocols they set down – which allows them to de-prescribe medications. And for society as a whole, he will explore how this data stream can have profound effects (globally), leading to behavioural change in how we shop – whereby individuals move to the “outer aisles” - from choosing “carbage” to choosing nutrient dense whole foods.

CPD Points: 0.5


Dorian Greenow, Founder/President- Keto-Mojo

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