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2023 Workshop Programme

Integrative & Personalised Medicine


Food Sensitivity in Chronic Inflammatory Disease

29 Jun 2023
Diagnostic Testing , Gut Health

A state of chronic inflammation lessens an individual's ability to function properly at the cellular level, which is why it can affect so many different body systems and organs. 

Migraine, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diabetes and ulcerative colitis are examples of the some of the inflammatory conditions which may arise and etiological studies suggest that these diseases may be caused or exacerbated directly by dietary factors including food-specific IgG immunologic responses.

The recent discovery of a new CD4+ T cell subset, Th17, has transformed our understanding of the pathogenetic basis of an increasing number of these types of chronic immune-mediated diseases. Particularly in tissues that interface with the microbial environment such as the intestinal and respiratory tracts and the skin where most of the Th17 cells in the body reside.

It shows that dysregulated immunity to self or the extended self (microbiota, food antigens) can result in chronic inflammatory disease and may in part support the reason why studies have found that the levels of food-specific IgG in serum are significantly higher in individuals with food sensitivity.

If we are to alleviate any of these and other inflammatory conditions, with a long term solution in mind, then addressing inflammation is the pivotal first step.

Following an IgG elimination diet may therefore be a key factor in helping to reduce low grade chronic inflammation and increase the response rate in many challenging medical conditions.

The current evidence presented in this review shows that very real progress can be achieved through the appropriate use of properly designed IgG mediated elimination diets in helping to guide clinical decision in integrative medicine practice.

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Dr Nigel Abraham, Scientific & Laboratory Director for CNSLab

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